Message from Brimmer and May about re-opening

Please see the message below from Bimmer and May about their plans for re-opening.

Dear Brimmer Neighbors,

As you likely have noticed, we are getting ready to welcome our community back to campus. If you are interested in our Reopening Plan in detail, please visit our website where all the information is outlined. Here is a summary of what you can expect beginning on Monday:

  • Faculty and staff return at 8:00 a.m. Aug. 31st
  • About 65 new students will arrive in small groups for orientation on Monday, Aug. 31. Since they are new to Brimmer, they will need time to adjust to traffic patterns, parking restrictions, etc. We will work as effectively and efficiently as possible.
  • We will be enforcing group gathering restrictions and using mandatory masks when within 6’ of another person, even outside
  • Families begin to return in a phased approach beginning Sept. 8. You will likely experience some traffic issues as we adjust to the new normal.
  • We have 25 employees helping with morning duties, which includes an individual’s health screening prior to coming to campus
  • All faculty and staff are PCR tested each week. You will notice health tents set up for this.
  • Our new playground is completed, so all construction vehicles will be gone.
  • Most of our large supply deliveries are done, so we will see a decrease in trucks other than the normal food deliveries.
  • No rentals, visitors, etc. are allowed on campus. Your weekends will be quieter, but we respectfully ask that you do not walk your dogs on our field Monday through Friday.

We know and respect our role in the neighborhood, and the HOS will be clear with our responsibilities to you as our neighbor with members of our community. We ask for your flexibility and patience as we work to open our campus safely and without incident.






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