Brimmer and May Class of 2020 Car Parade this Friday

Neighbors, please be aware of this upcoming event:

Date: 5/29/20

Time: 1pm-2pm

Brimmer and May Faculty/Staff will arrive between 12:30pm-12:45pm to line up at marked socially distant intervals for a Class of 2020 Car Parade. Brimmer employees will cheer on members of the Class of 2020 as the students and their families drive through the school’s parking lot and down Middlesex Road.

All employees are required to wear masks while attending the parade.

Cars will pull into the large Brimmer and May parking lot from the direction of Heath St. They will circle around the lot and then turn left onto Middlesex Road. Cars will pull into 69 Middlesex Road where students will receive their diplomas without physical contact. Additionally, a photographer will take a picture of students with their diplomas. Cars will exit by taking a right onto Middlesex Road.

Brimmer employees will only stand on sidewalks that are adjacent to Brimmer. The School will also be directing traffic on Middlesex and along the car route in order to ensure the safety of cars and flow of cars down the street.






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