Proposed changes at The Street in Chestnut Hill


There is a pending proposal before the City of Newton Land Use, Conservation and Planning Commissions to change the structures in The Street shopping center in Chestnut Hill. The Chestnut Hill Association has begun to explore this proposal as it affects traffic, noise, and the quality, use and vista of Hammond Pond. The plans include two new structures, each of two stories, that would abut Hammond Pond and a new, underground two story garage. We’re curious about what you might think about this proposed development, so, please, tell us by taking this quick survey.




5 Responses to Proposed changes at The Street in Chestnut Hill

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  2. Al Goldberg says:

    Anonymous has neatly summarized my reply. We don’t need this kind of added development.

  3. David Hruska says:

    As a neighborhood resident, I am very happy to see this proposal to rejuvenate these tired old buildings and replace them with something that will be more attractive. I always welcome commercial development as it reduces the property tax burden on us homeowners.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’d like to see more, not less, open space, but also less traffic, less development, just less. Raise my taxes if you need to, but stop trend of “more development is better.” It almost never is.

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