CHA annual cocktail party round up

Our annual cocktail party was a success, with gracious hosts, delicious food, and a rousing speech from CHA president Ken Lyons. Ken reminded us all of the work the CHA does to (1) help coordinate with the City of Newton on traffic and parking issues, (2) keep members abreast of Boston College and other neighborhood events, and (3) protect and eliven our special neighborhood. He also reminded us that the CHA is always looking for new volunteers to serve on committees.

Many thanks to all who came, those work volunteered their time to help make it a sucess, and especially to our wonderful hosts, Tenley Albright and Gerald Blakeley


Catherine Brigham, Friends of Houghton Garden leader Michele Hanss, and CHA president Ken Lyons


Marguerite D’Annolfo, Susan Mc Swain, Mark D’Annolfo


Jim Taylor, John Grandin, Preston McSwain


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