Changes to Newton Trash collection this week

Due to the Winter Storm Warning, Trash and Recycling Collections will not occur on Monday, February 2nd.  
The Monday route will be collected on Tuesday, February 3rd and we will be on a one-day delay schedule for the rest of the week.

Monday 2/2
No Collections
Tuesday 2/3
Monday’s Route
Wednesday 2/4
Tuesday’s route* ​
Thursday 2/5
Wednesday’s route
Friday 2/6
Thursday’s route
Saturday 2/7

All carts must be placed curbside and accessible by 7am on your collection day and the lids must be closed.

*Due to last week’s collection suspension on Tuesday, residents with a Tuesday collection day will have collections resume on Wednesday, February 4th and will be able to put out extra trash (must be bagged) and extra recycling (in paper bags or in a bin/crate) that will be collected at no extra charge.  Place these items next to your cart.

Helpful tips to consider during times of snow to assist you and your collector: 

  1. Place items for collection out to the curb by 7am on your collection day
  2. As in the past, the solid waste collection personnel are not required to climb snow banks. Carts must be accessible from the street by the automated arm, the carts cannot be behind a snow bank. Please place your carts in a clear spot, such as at the foot of your driveway or shovel out a designated spot.
  3. If it is snowing on your collection day, please do not place your carts in the street or on a sidewalk if it is plowed by the City.

However, if the following situations exist, carts will not be collected until your next regular collection day. We ask that you take it in until that time.

  1. If trash and recyclables were placed curbside after the trucks passed the route, the trucks will not return.
  2. In many instances, trash and recyclables are buried in the snow due to amount of snowfall, drifts or snow plowing operations. All reasonable attempts will be made to extract the material from the snow.
  3. If trash and recyclables have been placed on a high mountain of plowed snow, climbing the mountain to obtain the material is a safety issue.






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