The Chestnut Hill Association Announces Officers and their Executive Committee for 2013-2014.

At the Chestnut Hill Annual Meeting held October 17th at the Longyear Museum a new slate of Executive Committee Members were introduced for this coming year.  The following new members were elected:

Peter Veira, Ken Lyons, Peggy Baseman, Jean Fulkerson, Marguerite D’Annolfo.

Returning members include John Grandin, Zibby Pyle, Jim Taylor, Verne Vance, Dick Tucker and Elaine Pierce serving as Treasurer and Gloria Gavris serving as President and Clerk.
A big thank you was given to retiring and long serving members Sue Flicop, Michele Hanss, Lauren Thill and Past President -Tom Greytak,  Past President -Ruthanne Fuller.


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