Tour de Newton needs volunteer greeters in Chestnut Hill

The first annual Tour de Newton will be held on Sunday morning, Oct 6.  It’s a 20 mile bicycle fun ride on a loop through all 13 villages in Newton, sponsored by the city of Newton and Bike Newton.  The ride will start simultaneously in all 13 villages, so every 10 to 15 mins a new group of riders will reach each village.
We have recruited greeters in all but two of the villages, but we have NO VOLUNTEERS IN CHESTNUT HILL, and we could really use your help.  We’d like to recruit two volunteers to serve as Chestnut Hill greeters.  The greeter job should be easy, fun and you’ll be serving as the Chestnut Hill ambassador to riders from around the city.  You’d need to be available from 9AM – 1PM on Oct 6.  The Chestnut Hill stop is at BC at the corner of Beacon and Hammond in front of McElroy Hall.  BC will provide a table, chairs and bathrooms    Your job would be to check the Chestnut Hill riders in between 9:00 – 9:30.  Assemble them all for a group photo and send them on their way.  Every 10 or 15 mins, welcome the incoming batch of riders to Chestnut Hill.  Hand out Chestnut Hill badges and water and give the visitors a 1 -2 minute spiel about the highlights of the village.

Any one who would  consider volunteering, should contact Jerry Reilly ( as soon as possible and please forward this to any other likely volunteers in Chestnut Hill.






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