Tour de Newton on October 6

The first annual “Tour de Newton” is coming on Sunday October 6 and it promises to be a great event.

It’s a 20 mile bike ride on a circular route that will go through all 13 village centers.  Rather than one massive crowd of bikes, the riders will assemble in all 13 villages and at 9:30 AM they will all start on the route at the same time.  Neighbors will ride with neighbors from each of the 13 villages.  As the riders arrive at each village they’ll be greeted by some locals who’ll tell them a bit about the village and its highlights and give them a Tour de Newton badge for the village.   Ride the whole 20 mile circuit and you’ll be entered into a raffle to win a new Trek bike from International Bicycle.

It will be a fun ride at a leisurely pace – suitable for adults, kids, casual and serious riders alike.  Each leg of the loop is just a few miles with a stop at the next village.  You can ride the whole circuit or just a portion of you like.

This is a great opportunity to see the whole city including corners that you may never, or rarely get to and learn a bit about each village along the way.

Join Mayor Setti Warren, your village neighbors, and riders from across the city for the first annual “Tour de Newton” ride.  Sign up today for this free fun ride.

The complementary “Tour de Newton” T-shirt for this inaugural ride is sure too become a collectors item in years to come.

Please share this email with your neighborhood listservs and Google Groups.

Janet Sterman
Church St, Newton Corner






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