Hazardous Waste and Electronics recycling

From the City of Newton:


Household Hazardous Waste Drop Offs

(for Newton residents) at the Resource Recovery Center at Rumford Ave.

Wednesdays, 7:30am-12:30pm until June 26th; also Sept. 4 – Oct.16.

Other drop-offs will be on June 22, Sept. 21, & Oct.19.

Closed in July and August, except July 17th & Aug. 14th.

For a listing of accepted materials, managing hazardous waste, alternative products and how to transport materials safely visit: http://www.newtonma.gov/gov/dpw/recycling/hazardous/days.asp



Electronics Recycling

On the 3rd Friday and Saturday of each month at the Recycling Depot at Rumford Ave from 8am-12pm, residents can bring  old electronics (anything with a plug!) for recycling free of charge.  Computer Monitors and TVs are accepted for $12 each.  Businesses and non-profits also welcome.  You can also schedule a curbside pickup for a fee.http://recyclingelectronics.com/index.php/Newton_Ma_Residential_Pickup


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