DCR will host a “first day” hike at the Chestnut Hill Reservoir

On Tuesday, January 1st, the DCR (Mass. Department of Conservation and Recreation) invites all to a first day hike. For details, click on the link to the flyer, below.

2013 Chestnut Hill First Day Hike Flyer






2 responses to “DCR will host a “first day” hike at the Chestnut Hill Reservoir”

  1.  Avatar

    Can you add the Waban Hill Reservoir as an item you track and update as things progress? It’s being sold by the MWRA and neighbors want the city to buy it and keep it as open space.

  2. ehpyle Avatar

    Thanks for the comment. We have been tracking the Waban Hill Reservoir, also known as the Manet HIll Reservoir and posted about the formation of the advisory group last month. Any tips are always welcome! admin@chanewton.org

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