Waban Hill Reservoir? Its in Chestnut Hill and there’s going to be meeting about it.

The Waban Hill Reservoir will be the subject of a Public Meeting on Wednesday, November 14, 2012 at Newton City Hall in Room 209.

The “A” marks the Waban Hill Reserior. Image from google maps.

Despite it’s somewhat misleading name, the Waban Hill Reservoir sits in Chestnut Hill, just off of Commonwealth Ave., Ward Street and Manet Rd. Like the nearby Chestnut Hill Reservoir, it is owned by the MWRA and hasn’t been an active component of the water system for a long time. The MWRA has notified the City of Newton they are going to declare it “surplus” and will be turned over to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and likely be sold.  The City of Newton may opt to purchase it and use if for passive and/or active recreational uses.  Please attend if you have any interest.

For more information, view the Waban Hill Reservior Invitation for 11-14 .



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