Will the Chestnut Hill Mall get a face lift?

The Mall at Chestnut Hill has just filed with the City for a special permit to (1) add 3 restaurants over a 3 year period (2) modernize the façade, (3) add 3 signs for the restaurant and a fourth for the entrance, (4) to pop-out the Rt 9 front facade 5736 sq ft within the existing footprint, (5) to add 2223 dq ft of outside restaurant patio seating, (6) to relocate the ring road in front of the mall to accommodate the pop-outs and outdoor seating (7) to make physical improvements to the parking lot in front of the Rt 9 mall façade, (8) to obtain a waiver for 300 parking spaces and one loading dock that the additional restaurants call for in the City of Newton zoning.


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