See You Around, Ruthanne — Hello Verne!

Ruthanne Fuller, our beloved president, won a landslide victory last November and is now a Ward Seven at-large Alderman. In order to avoid even a hint of conflict of interest, she decided to retire as president of the CHA, but will remain a board member/advisor to continue participating in CHA affairs and events.

Verne Vance, who retired from the Board of Aldermen after a distinguished career in City of Newton leadership, has agreed to be nominated as president to succeed Ruthanne. His name will be put forward for a vote at our next meeting. Many of you already know Verne and his energetic style, and we do not anticipate much opposition to his candidacy. In fact, we are delighted that he has allowed us to pull him deeper into CHA activities.

We cannot be totally pleased that Ruthanne is stepping aside, because her energy, creativity, leadership and winning smile have made an immeasurable contribution to the life and welfare of our neighborhood association over the past several years. The CHA would not be the healthy, wealthy and wise organization we are today without her time, dedication, and hard work.

The good news, of course, is that Ruthanne now has an important voice in the leadership of our City. Her seat on the Finance Committee will ensure that her years of work with Mal Salter and the Citizen Advisory Group will not fade into obscurity and slide off Newton’s agenda.






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