Off-Leash Dog Park Uproar

Rarely in recent years has anything stirred up as much controversy as the Pilot Program for off-leash dogs at Cold Spring Park on Beacon Street. A number of neighbors who live near the Park are growling about the increase in traffic, dogs running loose where they shouldn’t be, and an overall increase in noise and annoyance caused by the incursion of new or different dogs and people in their back yards.

Dogs and their owners who have been longing for a place to play are generally happy with the program and are eager to see additional off-leash areas introduced in other parts of the City. Such new parks would reduce the burden, such as it is, on Cold Spring Park and would make off-leash play areas available to more dogs and families.

The ideal dog park would be fenced all around, to contain the dogs and reduce the nuisance factor. The cost of such fencing is significant, and the City appears to be broke and unable to afford fences. There lies one of the problems, and you probably won’t see any new fences soon, unless someone can raise the money.






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