Boston College Master Plan Update

Boston College is moving ahead with the design for the new Stokes Hall (on College Road, between McElroy Commons and Lyons Hall, now a parking space). The project will actually be two buildings connected with a bridge. The 160,000 square foot structure will be comprised of six departments (all in the humanities) occupying 60% of the space. The balance of the space will be used for classrooms, meeting areas, and advising centers.

At the College Road level, it will be two or three stories. The buildings are set on an offset to College Road so there won’t be a “wall” of new construction at the edge of the roadway. They hope to finish the designs, get approvals from the City of Newton, and get bids in time to start construction in October 2010. If they begin on time, they expect to move into the building in the fall of 2012.

The Chestnut Hill Association will be very carefully vetting the design and any traffic issues (vehicular and pedestrian) through the construction and full occupancy periods. Let us know if you want to be involved in the review process. (FYI, Boston College does not foresee any changes to the McElroy student center in the next ten years.)







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