Email Addresses Needed

As noted earlier, we want to use email more frequently for member contact, sending quick notes about upcoming events, reminders about meetings, and other news. However, to be effective we need to collect those email addresses that we don’t have on file. Please send your email address to or mail us the form on the last page of this letter. We will not share your information with anyone else. Thank you for helping us to communicate better.

We welcome questions and ideas from our members. We can use help and volunteers for committees. Keep those cards and letters coming!   Thanks for reading, and thank you for your continuing support.



As part of our effort to communicate faster and better, we are developing our own website and internet connection. When we hear some news that should be shared with you and if we can post such information on a CHA website, that would be a step forward. (If anyone has web skills and would like to assist in creating a CHA website, please let us know.)
If we have your personal email addresses on file, you will receive information about coming events (see below) more quickly and efficiently. Although we’ll continue to publish a hard copy version, keep in mind that we only publish two or three such letters per year. Email is a better medium for spreading the word about quick notes, coming events, and reminders of meetings. Be assured that we do not and will not share your email addresses with anyone else. Please return the form at the end of this letter if you have not already given us your email address.