Come on by and see this beautiful new solar system that was just installed by Newton Solar Challenge solar partner  Blue Selenium Solar.  Learn more about how solar works, looks, and saves Newton homeowners money. Speak with our solar partners Sunlight Solar Energy and Blue Selenium as well as local environmental organization Green Newton. Also, hear more about the The Village Bank “solar loan” for Newton homeowners, which is designed to increase solar adoption and ownership in our community.

Location:  87 Thurston Road, Newton, MA 02464

Time and Date:  Saturday, October 10 –  1:00pm to 4:00pm


Homecoming fireworks at Boston College on October 8

This week is Homecoming week at Boston College.  To kick off Homecoming there will be a fireworks show on the evening of October 8 starting at 8:15 pm.  The show will run for 12-15 minutes.  Neighbors are invited to attend and view the fireworks from inside Alumni Stadium.  Entrance to the event will be through Gate D on the Recreation Complex side of the stadium.

Neighborhood break -ins: information from Newton police

After hearing reports of neighborhood break-ins, our local aldermen, Ruthanne Fuller and Lisle Baker inquired with the Newton police, and here is what they learned from  the Chief of Police:

Aldermen Fuller and Baker:

Between 9/14 and 10/1 there were 4 burglaries at Chestnut Hill addresses.  One of the locations was an apartment at Avalon Bay or 160 Boylston Street.

The other addresses are on:  Hobart Rd., Middlesex Rd. and Old Orchard Rd.  One of the homes had unlocked doors.

The methods of entry are not consistent.  However, electronic devices and jewelry are targets of the thieves among some other items.  

Our Crime Analyst has been in touch with the Brookline Police.  They have not had any break-ins near the Newton line recently.

We will continue to look at this matter.  I will talk with the Detective Bureau and Patrol Bureau about the problems again tomorrow.  

I don’t feel that the neighborhood is experiencing a crime wave.  However, people need to lock their homes and cars and report suspicious behavior.  

We can participate in a neighborhood meeting if desirable.  I will update you if there is any progress on the above.


Chief Howard Mintz

Dog found at Chestnut Hill Reservoir


This Friday, September 11: Changes coming to I-95 on ramps on Route 9

Beginning at 8 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 11 the Needham-Wellesley I-95 Add-A-Lane project team will implement ramp changes at the Route 9/I-95 interchange.  In case of inclement weather, operations will be shifted to Saturday, September 12th at 8 p.m.

At 8 p.m. on Sept. 11, new pavement markings, barrier, and temporary traffic control signage to support the new configuration will be finalized and implemented.  Variable message sign (VMS) boards will alert drivers to the new traffic pattern. The new traffic pattern includes the following:

  • Drivers traveling eastbound (toward Boston) on Route 9 and seeking to access I-95 northbound (toward the Massachusetts Turnpike) will exit Route 9 via a new signalized left-turn lane connecting them to a temporary ramp to I-95 northbound.
  • Drivers traveling westbound (toward Natick) on Route 9 and seeking to access I-95 southbound (toward Route 1) will exit Route 9 via a new signalized left-turn lane connecting them to a temporary ramp to I-95 southbound.

All other movements associated with the Route 9/I-95 interchange will remain as they currently are. Motorists should note that while the configuration set for implementation on Sept. 11 is temporary, the configuration of left turns described above represents the permanent traffic pattern associated with the I-95 Add-A-Lane project at this location.

As an additional aide to drivers, message boards will be placed on Route 9 alerting motorists to the upcoming change For more visit the MassDOT website

Invasive Plant: Black Swallow-wort vine

The dangerous Black Swallow-wort vine has invaded Newton – and now its prolific seed pods are starting to burst open to further disperse its wind-born seeds. This non-native invader is fatal to monarch butterflies, and threatens plant species and habitat by completely blanketing and taking over areas. It is now in our yards, parks, and villages centers, climbing up fences but equally prolific sprawling over the ground. Pull up or cut the plants and get them and the pods into trash bags and dispose as trash – before the pods burst! See the attached flyer for more information. The flyer is also available at the Newton Conservators website.