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  1. Mary McElroy says:

    The outdoor music at The Street is really nice, but poorly publicized. I attended the classical trio Thursday 8/22 and it was fantastic (Todd Brunel Musical Groups, 617-821-0373). I would encourage people to contract them for social events. They are very nice, knowledgeable and skillful. They were a flute, bassoon and clarinet on this occasion, but have other choices. )The guitar father/son guitar music was very nice and a better location. It continues through next week, I encourage everyone to attend and maybe WS Development will do it again next year!

  2. ehpyle says:

    Why the changes in Hammond Street Traffic? Turns out the traffic routing equipment at the intersection of Hammond and Rt. 9 is in the fritz. It was damaged in an accident and is in process of being repaired. See full post.

  3. Nancy Adams says:

    I think the problem is that they reset the traffic lights. Since I walk, I noticed that traffic never used to stop from all 4 directions to allow people to cross the road. After they reset the lights, there is now a point when all cars are stopped to allow people to cross. Can someone from CHA call to ask that they reset the lights back to the way they originally were?

  4. Jean Fulkerson says:

    I’d like to ask our neighbors to pressure the Town of Brookline and the City of Newton to address the traffic situation on Hammond Street. Since the last week of September there has been a tremendous increase in the back-up of traffic from the intersection of Hammond and Route 9. I observed work being done on the traffic lights and wonder if that work is the source of the crazy back ups. There are days when the afternoon line of traffic extends as far back as Lawrence Street, and even almost to Beacon Street. The traffic begins around 3 pm when schools let out and continues through the afternoon.

    Does anyone else find this maddening? Call the traffic engineers in Brookline and Newton and ask them to work with the state (Route 9 is a state road) to deal with the problem. Thanks.

    • Lauren Thill says:

      The traffic is CRAZY!!!!! I am often forced to turn Left on Hammond street and go the back roads to cross Rte 9. Something has changed, It cant just be that there are more cars using Hammond Street. Although I question why so many cars use Hammond street instead of the Parkway. Somebody please help!

    • ehpyle says:

      I would agree — Hammond Street traffic has been bad later in the afternoons. And I’ve heard horror stories.

      I just changed the poll, in the sidebar –>

      Everyone, let us know what you think.

      • Samet says:

        Chief Miller -I just found this website and stteard looking through your blogs, and this one stuck out at me because I was there. I was one of the participants and went through all of those tests (which was a total of 4 different things, a written test, two physical tests, and the oral test) to become a police officer in Hammond. The tests were great, I especially loved the above mentioned obstacle course. For those who think it looks easy, I did have a little trouble with that wall, being 6’4 I figured I had it in the bag, it was tough, but I made it. I wanted to take this chance to thank you for your encouragement and the encouragement that your officers gave to us (the participants) because I know, at least for me, it helped a great deal to hear someone shouting at me to get through the course, and it not being a drill instructor for once, and your right, a few of your officers were clearly military personnel. Now along with the other applicants I await to hear from the Department one way or another. Hope to hear from you!Hopeful Candidate,Michael Stern

    • Sue Flicop says:

      I agree that traffic has gotten substantially worse lately. I’m trying to figure out why…it doesn’t seem like the lights have changed, but it now takes me about 10 – 15 minutes to get from Suffolk Road to Route 9 any time after 3 p.m. I’ve also started going to Beacon and down Hammond Pond Parkway to get to the other side of Route 9–something I would never have imagined I would need to do. Is it traffic to the new Shaws?

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