Alert- car trespassing and theft

Several neighbors from all parts of Chestnut Hill have recently reported theft of items (rolls of quarters, a laptop, a wallet) from cars left unlocked overnight.  All took place in the wee hours of the night (midnight to 5 am). Items were removed and possessions riffled through. Please remember to lock your car at night and if you have something stolen, report to Newton police. It may be hard to take the time, but it will help them evaluate the scope of the problem.


Houghton Garden Clean up

Houghton Garden Clean up happens this Saturday, April 8, from 9 to 3.

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Save the Date, if you want to learn more about the proposed changes at the Street

The proposed changes at “The Street” in Chestnut Hill will be considered at two upcoming meetings:

On December 1,  The Street will be on the agenda of Newton’s conservation comission. The meeting starts at 7:00pm.

On December 6, Newton’s Land Use committee will hold a public hearing for “The Street” at 7:00pm in City Hall.

An open letter to Newton’s Land Use Committee from the CHA

Open Letter to Newton’s Land Use Committee

Please click the link or the image below to read the entire letter. 

An open letter to the Newton Conservation Commission from the CHA

Open Letter to Newton’s Conservation Commission

Should Newton eliminate the overnight parking ban?

Public Safety and Transportation Committee – There will be a special meeting of the
committee on Wednesday, November 2 nd at 7:00p.m. in Room 205. The committee
will be discussing the following item: #345‐16 Requesting a review, amendment or
elimination of the Winter Overnight Parking Ban.