Boston College Football Schedule – Home Games

Another BC football season is underway, and the schedule of home games is shown below. We don’t yet have the times for all games. Watch your local paper or the BC website for more details.


9/5–Northeastern–2 p.m.
9/12–Kent State–2 p.m.
9/26–Wake Forest–TBA
10/3–Florida State–TBA
10/17–No. Caroline State–TBA
10/31–Central Michigan–TBA
11/21–North Carolina–TBA

As always, signs are posted around Chestnut Hill with parking regulations, advising that there is NO PARKING from two hours before the game until two hours after the game is over. Newton and BC police will be on patrol, and cars parked illegally may be towed or ticketed. You can call the Boston College Police at 617- 552-4440 if you have questions or need help.


Boston College Master Plan Update

In June, the Boston Zoning Commission approved the essential ingredients of the Boston College Master Plan for parts of the development within Boston. The principal projects involved renovations and additional structures on the former site of the Archdiocese headquarters. The City of Newton Zoning and Planning departments will be reviewing those plans that lie within Newton, such as a new academic building along College Road. These things move along very slowly, and we’ll try to keep you informed of changes or new plans.

Citizen Advisory Group

With outstanding leadership from Chestnut Hill residents, Ruthanne Fuller and Mal Salter, the Citizen Advisory Group produced an excellent study of Newton’s finances, from budgets to capital spending, focusing on sources and uses of funds in the City’s myriad projects and programs. The detailed study showed that Newton lacks essential discipline in setting priorities and has neglected adequate maintenance of buildings, schools, and other capital equipment. Apparently our elected officials have lacked the fortitude and foresight to cope with many problems that are now beyond the point where they can be easily or quickly fixed.

We hope to see more follow-up action on the part of the administration and aldermen, but new leadership will be needed to keep the priorities on the table.  In any case, we all owe a great thank-you to Mal and Ruthanne for countless hours of meetings, studies, endless analysis, and more meetings over the past three years. They represent the best in Newton’s volunteer corps.

Chestnut Hill Association Block Party

A well-attended block party was held near the entrance to Houghton Garden on Suffolk Road on June 25. In addition to delicious food from the grill, there were treats and fun for kids of all ages. Lauren Thill and her committee arranged the event, with help from many volunteers setting up and cleaning up. Thanks to all of them!

Newton History Museum – House Tour

The 27th annual Newton House Tour was held on the weekend of May 30-31 for the benefit of the Newton History Museum. A large crowd of visitors toured some homes in the Historic District, and one of our members hosted the preview party.


As part of our effort to communicate faster and better, we are developing our own website and internet connection. When we hear some news that should be shared with you and if we can post such information on a CHA website, that would be a step forward. (If anyone has web skills and would like to assist in creating a CHA website, please let us know.)
If we have your personal email addresses on file, you will receive information about coming events (see below) more quickly and efficiently. Although we’ll continue to publish a hard copy version, keep in mind that we only publish two or three such letters per year. Email is a better medium for spreading the word about quick notes, coming events, and reminders of meetings. Be assured that we do not and will not share your email addresses with anyone else. Please return the form at the end of this letter if you have not already given us your email address.