Newton tree planting program: apply now for your street

The Newton Tree Conservancy (NTC) has announced its 2013 tree planting program and your street could be chosen as a site for tree planting. NTC is looking for groups of neighbors to “sponsor” the plantings, agreeing to help maintain the trees until they can be established. Applications are due October 8. For more information read the coverage in the village 14 blog, or read Beth Wilkinson’s letter below:

Does your street need trees?  Are you interested in joining with your neighbors and the Newton Tree Conservancy (NTC) to plant trees on your street?  The NTC is now accepting applications for the spring and fall Community Tree Plantings for 2013.

With the assistance of generous grants from Newton Community Pride’s Stella and Leo Levi Tree Endowment Fund and members of the community, the NTC has planted more than 150 street trees over the past three years.  In November, we will meet our new goal of planting 100 trees in just this year alone.

You are eligible to apply for our planting program if you can assemble a group of at least five properties (preferably within a one- or two-block area) with space on the city-owned berm for a total of eight or more trees.  (Individual homeowners may not apply.)  Groups chosen to receive trees must agree to water and weed the trees weekly for the first two years, to select three members to take a free three-hour class on how to plant trees (taught by Marc Welch, Newton’s Director of Urban Forestry) and to provide volunteers to assist on planting day.  In return, NTC will provide carefully chosen trees appropriate for the site as well as the volunteer labor and expertise to plant the trees.  

The city is losing more than 500 street trees each year and has no regular budget for planting replacement trees.  The NTC, a membership-supported non-profit, works to address this problem and to maintain Newton’s tree-filled beauty.  

The application deadline is Friday, October 8.  Program details and application forms (as well as information about making contributions to support this work) are on our website: 

Please help us to keep Newton’s streets green.


Beth Wilkinson,

Board member of Newton Tree Conservancy