Hammond Pond final plans presented, public comment period is now

Last Wednesday at City Hall, the DCR presented final plans for the access improvements intially proposed by the Rudyak family foundation. Presenters started with the results of the feasibility study, which included both short and long term recommendations for addressing the health of Hammond Pond.

Next, they presented the Rudyak Family foundation plans to construct  a boardwalk extending from the “salt parking lot” (behind the former Macy’s) into the wooded area and to fund some of the short term” recomendations for addressing the health of Hammond Pond, including raking of water lilies, stabilization of eroding slopes, repairing exisitng rain gardens and installing new ones.

Presently, there is no funding available or on the horizon for “long term” recommendations for Hammond Pond (including annual hydro-raking of the waterlilies, increasing surface flow into the pond, constructino of a settling basin or Rt. 9 run off) but the Rudyak family annnounced plans to contribute $10,000 per year to upkeep of the proposed access imporvements.

The DCR will be accepting public comments on the project until April 24. Comments can be submitted by email to dcr.updates@state.ma.us ,by phone (617-626-4974), or mailed to:

Department of Conservation and Recreation
Office of Public Outreach
251 Causeway St., Suite 600
Boston, MA 02114

Full text of the Feasibility Study on Hammond Pond, Hammond Pond Characterization and Imporvement Recommendations, is available on the DCR website here. Newton Patch coverage of the meeting is avilable here.We will bring you a link to Wedensday’s presentation when it becomes available.


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