Newton Planning Department Memo on Chestnut Hill Shopping Center

The Newton Planning Dept has written an extensive memo concerning the Chestnut Hill Shopping Center proposal.

View the entire memo here. Or, here are a few of the planning department’s key recommendations

–          There should be no snow stored on site.

–          If the Shopping Ctr gets approval for parking spaces on the Frontage road, parking spaces be removed from the area adjacent to Hammond Pond

–          Consideration to use of bikes on the frontage road, including the possibility of linking with planned bike lanes on Hammond Pond Parkway.

–          Parking demand exceeds supply at some points in the years and is more than 95% full for 3 months a year.

–          Insisting that the Shopping Ctr redevelopment be coupled with improvements to the water quality of the pond and access to the pond

–          There is no discussion of the exit from the shopping center onto Hammond St, since that is in Brookline.