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This Friday, September 11: Changes coming to I-95 on ramps on Route 9

Beginning at 8 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 11 the Needham-Wellesley I-95 Add-A-Lane project team will implement ramp changes at the Route 9/I-95 interchange.  In case of inclement weather, operations will be shifted to Saturday, September 12th at 8 p.m.

At 8 p.m. on Sept. 11, new pavement markings, barrier, and temporary traffic control signage to support the new configuration will be finalized and implemented.  Variable message sign (VMS) boards will alert drivers to the new traffic pattern. The new traffic pattern includes the following:

  • Drivers traveling eastbound (toward Boston) on Route 9 and seeking to access I-95 northbound (toward the Massachusetts Turnpike) will exit Route 9 via a new signalized left-turn lane connecting them to a temporary ramp to I-95 northbound.
  • Drivers traveling westbound (toward Natick) on Route 9 and seeking to access I-95 southbound (toward Route 1) will exit Route 9 via a new signalized left-turn lane connecting them to a temporary ramp to I-95 southbound.

All other movements associated with the Route 9/I-95 interchange will remain as they currently are. Motorists should note that while the configuration set for implementation on Sept. 11 is temporary, the configuration of left turns described above represents the permanent traffic pattern associated with the I-95 Add-A-Lane project at this location.

As an additional aide to drivers, message boards will be placed on Route 9 alerting motorists to the upcoming change For more visit the MassDOT website

Invasive Plant: Black Swallow-wort vine

The dangerous Black Swallow-wort vine has invaded Newton – and now its prolific seed pods are starting to burst open to further disperse its wind-born seeds. This non-native invader is fatal to monarch butterflies, and threatens plant species and habitat by completely blanketing and taking over areas. It is now in our yards, parks, and villages centers, climbing up fences but equally prolific sprawling over the ground. Pull up or cut the plants and get them and the pods into trash bags and dispose as trash – before the pods burst! See the attached flyer for more information. The flyer is also available at the Newton Conservators website.


The Newton Public Schools Student Assignment Working Group (SAWG) requests your assistance

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 3.59.56 PM
The Newton Public Schools Student Assignment Working Group (SAWG) requests your assistance in continuing to get the word out about the student assignment policy recommendation that is currently before the Newton School Committee. After months of review and examination of multiple scenarios that ease overcrowding and take advantage of expanded capacity at the new Angier and Zervas schools, a student assignment recommendation was made to School Committee on June 15, 2015 and a public hearing was held on June 22, 2015.

At all stages of this process, there have been communications sent directly to stakeholders as well as online postings of all information concerning the student assignment review process. There was broad communication about the June 15 recommendation including a letter to all residents who live in areas of change associated with the student assignment recommendation. Another communication to affected residents is planned for July.

The Student Assignment Working Group has received excellent feedback from numerous stakeholders so far.  For those who have not yet had an opportunity to learn about the recommended changes or to participate in this process, feedback continues to be important and relevant.

Please feel welcome to use, and encourage others to use our feedback email to send comments to To get more information, the Student Assignment web page has comprehensive information including the full text of the recommendation, maps, as well as multiple presentations about the process that has been ongoing this past year.  Please visit

A brief presentation is attached, and reviews the main merits of the recommendation for student assignment changes and the expected impact on Newton Public Schools, Newton families and the community. The School Committee is expected to address the recommendation in September.

Ruth Goldman, School Committee from Ward 6 ( and Steve Siegel School Committee representative from Ward 5 ( are members of the Student Assignment Working Group and welcome any questions that you may have. Also, there is a School Committee meeting on July 20, 2015 where student assignment may be discussed and, as always, there will be a period for public comment.

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Sent on behalf of the Newton Public Schools Student Assignment Working Group (SAWG)

Click below and scroll to view presentation:

MA DOT presentation on the plan to add a lane on Route 128

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 3.31.09 PM

The Department or Transportation recently presented its plan to add and lane and re-configure Route 128 between Route 9 and Kendrick St.

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 3.31.46 PM

View the entire presentation here (click image, then scroll)

Upcoming talk at the Waterworks museum on July 8, 7:00pm


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